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Who is Aubrey?

Who am I and why am I qualified to help? I am a California native but moved to Ohio in August of 2020. It has been a wild ride, snow ... not my thing. I was Ms. California and Ms. Ohio  Woman of Achievement. I have a passion for helping people, especially those coming out of human trafficking.  Before moving to Ohio I owned a restaurant in Beverly Hills and I had worked in insurance and retirement since 2014.  I was also a part of the Welcome Home Soldier Foundation. My life is centered around my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. WAIT! Don't run off if you don't believe the way I do. I won't beat you over the head with Him or get all preachy. It just means my heart was a boulder, I was bitter and angry and He turned into mush. Not to be all sappy but I love people. I love your stories and the vastness of differences in people. It has been a journey, to be honest. When a friend recommended I should sell semi trucks I laughed. But I had no direction since getting out of business back home. I was commission only and had two mouths to feed. I took a leap of faith. It was by far the most fulfilling and incredible job I had ever had. But there was something missing. If you weren't buying a truck within the next few months or had no money I couldn't help. I knew my customers WANTED to buy a truck, but I could tell it felt like it was just too far out of reach. For those who did buy, I was honest and transparent. I would spend a week on the lot helping them find the right truck. It wasn't just a sale for me. These men and women were investing life savings sometimes and I needed them to get what they paid for. Sometimes it wasn't a beautiful story. But I felt my hands were tied. Due to God and His "Just take a step" nature, I left selling. But I missed my clients. I miss the stories. I missed feeling like I was on their side in making a dream happen. So here I am! Fulfilling what I know I was called to do. Write in, tell me your story, connect with me on social media, and share YOUR experience and opinions. The knowledge and family feel of trucking was not anything I had expected. Here's to trucking! Here's to making dreams happen and money multiply! 

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